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What is BIK+?

BIK+ is a program that we created for anyone who loves to work on a project with us without too much fuss. Sometimes, we feel bored with our routines, we want a new challenge or additional incomes so we think allowing new friends joining our project for a short term might be beneficial for both of us.

We can do most digital-based projects such as poster design, animation, social media artwork, web development or a mentoring class. The bigger our value to the society, the more we love it.

How do we do it?

As mentioned above, we don’t want to make it hard. If we have a work to deliver, we will chat you for the opportunity. Of course we can do the opposite.

We love to meet new clients. It does the same for meeting new friends. And having good connection with all of them is how do we keep making things happen.

The big steps start with the tiny ones

Tell us who you are and we will reach out with opportunities